Supply side reform under the background of big household enterprise spirit to carry forward | |

by:Level      2020-08-02
In the context of the reform of the supply side, & other; Spirit & throughout; In household industry has become a veritable high-frequency words. Today, consumption upgrading trend is irreversible, household industry as a traditional manufacturing industry, in the process of towards high-end industries, carry forward the spirit, as its own code of conduct are imperative. Adhere to the quality strives for perfection & other; Effective interpretation a cake doesn't cut corners. ” In the industry point of view, realizes the low threshold of the spirit is & other; Never cut corners & throughout; , and as a basic line, through every product development, manufacturing, management and service, etc. “ Would rather lose money, can't compensate the quality & throughout; , household enterprises should make such a spirit, a kind of cultural enterprises and even the whole society's values. Japanese enterprise employees tend not to work as a tool of making money, but to set up the fear of the professional, dedicated to the work, the attention to detail, the manufacture of products as a show their personality and reputation, they are willing to challenge, and as a kind of attitude towards life. China since ancient times is a creative spirit and traditional country. Many old are bearing the weight of the craftsmen of ancient spirit, adhere to the quality, strives for perfection. The current China's manufacturing industry is from large to strong change, artisans of the spirit of the new period is to & other; Quality, creates the brand & throughout; Craftsman, household enterprise practice spirit is to continuous innovation, the pursuit of high-quality goods, so to get long-term development. Close to the demand for breakthrough innovation industry is in the current household consumption upgrade, the key moment of structure transformation, user demand for the product also is not the same as the original, in fact users pay more attention to when choosing products is the experience of the whole process, including the service experience prior to the purchase products, product experience, and in the process of buying products after purchase experience. How to improve the user experience all the way, household enterprises need to play to the spirit of craftsman in individual and team close to the user requirements, realization of every link, the whole value stream of breakthrough innovation. “ We sell to their positioning is not a simple product, but the designers of a better life. ” Household enterprises should have this kind of cognition, in front of the development and design, around the user requirements, research, and even users live together in the hope of insight into the real user needs, and then, taking the technological breakthrough of user requirements to provide products meet the demand of the reality, so to get the affirmation of the consumers. Consumption upgrades is behind the quality, the user needs to high quality products and better consumer experience, household enterprise spirit to sublimate is a kind of culture, into the manufacture of each link, so, in order to keep up with the pace of The Times development.
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