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touch keypad lock lock for apartment Level

touch keypad lock lock for apartment Level

Touch keypad lock lock for apartment Level

Delivery time
15-30 days
Start Port
Foshan, China
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Application Scope
Level Intelligent Lock's hotel electronic lock can be widely used in various fields.Guided by the actual needs of customers, Level Intelligent Lock provides comprehensive, perfect and quality solutions based on the benefit of customers.Our products are produced in accordance with . All materials used in the products are well selected and purchased from our reliable partners, which guarantees the competitive price and stable performance.
Company Advantages
1. Level code door lock has been tested according to the general standards. It is tested in terms of functionality, strength, stiffness, wears, and corrosion.
2. The product can stand up strong disinfectants. Its specially coated metal materials make it effectively withstand disinfection environments.
3. This product helps save production costs. There are potential savings to be gained from reduced medical claims of employees, greater production output.

touch keypad lock lock for apartment Level-1
touch keypad lock lock for apartment Level-2

   ◆  Product Characteristics

touch keypad lock lock for apartment Level-3

  • 【Three ways to open:】Touch keypad / RFID Card / mechanical key

  • 【Material:】Plexiglass + Zinc Alloy

  • 【Finishing:】CFG, CR

  • 【Workable mortise:】SS M6068

   ◆  Product Parameter

touch keypad lock lock for apartment Level-4

Power supply

DC 4.5~6.5V 4pieces of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries

 Static power waste


 Dynamic power waste


Store temperature


Store Humidity

10~98% RH

Working temperature


Working Humidity

15~85% RH

Working frequency

13.56MHz(MF 1)

Card capacity

200 cards


2 groups and can be extended.

Reaction time


Battery lifetime

about 1 year

Applied to

wooden or metal door of 40-65mm door thickness.

Low Voltage Warming

Another 50 times opening since the first low-power warming given out by the lock.

   ◆  Selling point

    Three ways to open: Touch keypad, RFID card, mechanical key.


    With OLED screen to display English menus, follow the menu to operate the lock step by step easily.


    6068 security mortise, using SS material, high strength, high security.


    Use European standard cylinder.


    Lift handle upwards to pull out deadbolts for double lock from outside when leaving.


    Stand alone lock, each lock could register 200pcs user cards and 2 codes.


    With door bell function.


    Maximal 30 digits can be input for protecting the correct code unexposed when open the lock.


    Can store the latest 1000pcs unlocking records (including mechanical key and inside open) and read them in OLED screen. 


    Use 4pcs 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, saving energy, with low voltage alarm.


    Can set Passage Mode (normal opening state) for special cases.


    External emergency jack design, convenient for emergency measure when power is cut.


    One card solution, the same card for lock, car parking, elevator, building entrance, time attendance, consumption system, staff management system etc.


    Suitable for Luxury villa, office and apartment.

   ◆  Residential Lock Mortise

touch keypad lock lock for apartment Level-5


standard: SS6068
optional: SS6068 morise with heaven and earth bolt
touch keypad lock lock for apartment Level-6


standard: EU type mortise
optional: EU type mortise

Company Features
1. Level brand is a notable touch keypad lock exporter.
2. Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd. has powerful economic strength and technical advantage.
3. Customers' feedback and suggestions on code door lock are highly appraised. Inquire! We will continue to focus on driving down our emissions from energy as well as look at improving the way we collect data on our resources use, for example, waste and water. Inquire! We would like to constantly create new values with 'encouragement' as well as provide products and technology according to the viewpoint of customers and partners. Inquire! We will continue to work with our clients and to understand their socio-economic priorities, and develop our services ethically, responsibly and with respect for people and the environment. Inquire!
Priced right, easy to install and set up.
Works great, one you stop skipping pages and read the instructions its prety eassy
Easy to install - loved it.
It works great. I just wish it came with a dead bolt.
Loved it !!!!
Replaced my garage access door with this and no more finding the keyhole in the dark.. My 8 year old likes it since he can open the door with a breeze with his own passcode..
Great procuct and price.
Fantastic product and so easy to install! Should’ve installed this years ago. Makes life so much easier!
Have had this lock for more than 6 months. Works well and was easy to install. In our application we reprogram the combination regularly and it is easy to do.
Replaced similar unit that died after 6 years
Easy installation, and easy to use. The procedure to change codes is simple, but requires punching in a lot of numbers and codes in a specific order -- I usually have to try several times before getting it to work. The lighted numbers are a nice touch. Metal casing inside and out makes it look nicer than other products. On one occasion, the maid service couldn't figure out how to lock the door (press enter and turn knob) -- they apparently tried until the battery was exhausted. Must have taken them hours. Overall a great product. Highly recommended.
I used this as part of our ZWAVE network with Micasaverde as the controller. This is a deadblot lock. I actually really like this unit. The only caveat this has is that this IS NOT truly a remote-locking lock. Meaning, you CAN NOT lock this door remotely with your phone or computer. The only way this works remotely is if you have a person there to lock the door. Once I send the signal remotely from my phone, the lock then triggers the deadbolt to function for about 5 seconds. Within the 5 seconds, a person has to turn the deadbolt to lock the door. Because of that, the ZWAVE function is useless for me for this. I have other SCLAGE ZWAVE locks, but they are not deadbolt keypads. They are door handle keypads that allow the handle to be turned once you key-in the code. This is a true ZWAVE lock because I can remotely lock or unlock this keypad with my phone without needing someone there. Since I have purchased this lock, I have replace the SCHLAGE ZWAVE BEADBOLT with a motorized ZWAVE keypad deadbolt. That allows me to truly lock and unlock this deadbolt from anywhere in the world.
third one I have instaled-no more fumbling for keys in the dark I recommend
Nice work great
Really like this lock. Simple design yet very effective. Very simple to engage the lock when you leave the house. Multiple unlock codes can be entered our deleted with relative ease. Good quality and finish
Installed 4 on my house. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 star is I’ve had to replace one already
Works well. Good price compared to some models at local hardware stores. Buttons are high quality and light yup well. Nice to never have to worry about a key anymore.
Love our key pad lock for our front door. No need for keys! Seller is reliable and delivery on time. Would highly recommend this product to others.
We purchased this keyad lock for a closet that we need to keep locked but don't want to have to get the key each time. This lock is working perfectly. Much more convenient than a keyed lock, easy to install, looks good, and is just as described. I would definitely recommend.
This lock is well made, the whole concept is well thought out and it is very easy to install and program. Contrary to anther report, It does fit a standard pre-drilled door perfectly. A very useful and attactive lock, highly recommended.
This lock looks good and works great, very solid lock; it is easy to install, easy to program extra codes, easy to delete codes; I like the fact that I won't accidently lock myself out.
Easy install into current door hole. I love not having to fumble for keys and being able to make unique codes for temporary guests.
These are excellent locks to keep from being locked out of the house. Build quality is great with one exception. The walk I received, The screw holes were not threaded. I have purchased many of these and this was my first flaw.
My husband installed the new locks and they look and work great. Very satisfied with purchase.
Easy to install. Look great and also easy to operate.
This is a very nice-looking, easy-to-install electronic door lock. AmazonBasics' quality is good and this is a solid part of that line-up. We've used this type of electronic door lock for years. With car keys now being electronic fobs, they tend to be buried down in my purse so when I come to the house, I don't have my keys in hand as I used to. With hands full of groceries and such, it caused me to be fumbling to get out house keys. These electronic locks solve that, and add a safety factor, too. You don't need to give guests, house-cleaners, or family members a separate key. You can set a code which you can disable whenever you want. It lets you give temporary access to someone which is much safer than handing out keys, or leaving keys outside. We got caught early-on in a new house, however, in that this particular lock is to replace a deadbolt only on a door that has another doorknob or handle on it. If your door only has a locking doorknob, as the door here between the house and garage, you won't have a handle to pull to open or close the door. You can still use this lock to replace your locking doorknob, but be prepared to add another handle to the door (if you're between your house and garage, for example, even a cabinet door pull would work).
With a new front door coming, we debated installing a new electronic lock. Unfortunately, I found few of them attractive. Moreover, with the wind and dirt that regularly blows at our front door, I anticipated that presenting a problem with the keys sticking, etc. I selected this one for our garage-kitchen door, and it looks very nice. It wasn’t that difficult to install if you are generally handy. The main reason I chose the electronic lock is that we have many house guests. Rather than handing out multiple keys all the tie (and relying on them to leave the keys with us), this is much easier. I would imagine this could work well if you are renting out rooms such as with AirBNB. You can change the code as you like. I can’t say I’m thrilled with having yet another electronic device that requires batteries. But we will just put “change batteries” on the calendar to make sure there is no interruption in usability. I cannot comment on the value for the money as the price is not listed.
No tech support needed . Installed oh so easy. Nice to not have to worry about keys
Not much to say. Easy to install. Works as advertised. I like it. I put clear tape over the entry knob lock inside to keep from locking it by habit. Now we use only the deadbolt and I don't need to carry a key. I had a fingerprint lock that died and locked me out! Make sure you have a hidden key outside in case the battery dies.
I like Schlage locks, but the instructions for installing theses are so involved I have had them for 3 weeks and have still not installed them.
Bought over 3 months ago and it was simple to install. I expected to spend about 30 minutes on the install, but was able to get it done in less than half of the time. Looks great and is very sturdy! Good luck breaking into my home!
It's very easy to install. It took me only 30 minutes to install. Love it!
Easy to install and a very high quality product. Heavy duty.
as advertised! easy to install, easy to use
Love it. Easy to install and no more keys. Fit right into the old doors.
easy to re-program the code. the light "blinking" period is a little too long in my opinion. good price and good quality.
Great, heavy duty lock that works well. Easy to install and easy to use. It is great to not have to carry a key.
This lock is the easiest lock type to install. it work very well and look fantastic on my door. very easy to use. makes the access and locking my home a snap. it is money well invested.
Love this thing. Wish I had bought it the day i moved into my new house. Better late than never.
Easy to install, easy to operate and now i can open my door without a key!
works great . easy to install. easy to set code
Why anyone deals with keys I don't know. Favorite purchase ever
was easy install & I look forward to a long life ,, no 9 volt battery included & I think it would be nice to have it included (it was on the door handle), tried a push button locking door handle first but it was too large and hit the existing deadbolt above
working so far after 1 month
This is our second one. The first is still going strong.
Easy install, great addition to the entry door.
If I can install this myself, you definitely can. I’m free from house keys woohoo!
The lock looks and works great. Package had all the pieces and was delivered fast
So far this has worked as delivered. Easy to put on. Works well no difficulties
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