Understand how IC intelligent door locks work and advantages

by:Level      2020-08-04
With the development of the society, the hotel service industry is becoming more and more advanced, the world is filled with hotel can choose to stay in, go out on a business trip or travel and so on, to the outside would need a place to live, so the existence of the hotel to people is a kind of convenient choice, so every time when in the hotel, go to the front desk after the check-in service personnel can give to an IC card to the customer, and this IC card is used to open the hotel room door lock smart card, so, do you know how to open the door? The principle of which is not known to, to follow the clouds hotel door lock small make up together to understand its principle and important a little. IC smart hotel lock works like this: the front desk reception check-in attendant can through credit card machine with computer systems connected to send a card read information corresponding to the room, is the use of a set of fixed frequency electromagnetic wave, the frequency and card inside of a LC series resonance circuit using the same frequency, the card is issued under the stimulus of electromagnetic wave resonance with the IC card LC series resonance circuit, so as to realize the capacitance with a charge of card, at the other end of the capacitance, pick up a single wizard of the electronic mercury, capacitance charge into the store inside another capacitance, when accumulated charge to 2 v, the capacitor can be used as power supply provides the working voltage for other circuit, data in the card send or receive data in a card reader. So IC hotel door lock has the following advantages: 1: easy to operate simple: due to the contactless communication, card machine within 10 centimeters to card, don't be plug the card of all, a very convenient user use, no direction, when using the card to any direction on the surface of the card machine, can complete the operation, greatly improve the speed of each use. Second, strong commonality: comply with ISO/IEC443 TYPE standard, international general, widely used. Three, advanced technology, will read the identification technology and IC card technology combined, solve no source ( No battery of the card) And contactless this difficult problem, and it is a breakthrough in the field of electronics. Four, reliability: no mechanical contact between credit card machine, avoid the contact with all kinds of fault which occurs when read. For example: due to the rough card, insert the card, dust or oil pollution leads to poor contact occurs leading to failure, no bare chip surface, do not need to worry about chip off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage and the like reason leading to the invalid card, even if in card printing, design, packaging and advertising, and improves the card using the reliability and prolong the service life of equipment and CARDS use reading card. Five, the high safety: serial number is a global, serial number of each card is a separate, cannot be changed. Each area has independent password, flexible control information read according to application demand. Rf signal using encryption card machine, can satisfy the security requirements of bus consumption and so on one card. Due to high frequency in the hotel guests to the industry, the need to constantly update key information, and the incessant erasures electronic IC card can rewrite, and realize the encryption processing, all use more suitable for hotel, rather than on household intelligent fingerprint lock, its open mode is a single, simple and safe operation, and is a good choice, but also more usage, of course, there are special, more in small, only between a dozen small hotel, they need to lock the ID of the hotel, can not use the system control, but also need to identify for locks and matching room card to unlock, management is also more easily, low level of people, is also a good choice. ​
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