Understand the purpose of the sauna lock quickly

by:Level      2020-08-04
Sauna lock is a kind of intelligent induction electronic locks, is through the induction of magnetic card to open the lock the door, suitable for hotel, sauna center, government agencies, schools, Banks, shopping malls, all kinds of filing cabinets and drawers, leisure clubs, and so on enterprise, and for most is adapted to the sauna on the cabinet of the club, and is called sauna lock in the lock industry. Sauna lock performance and parameters is as follows: 1, the total control card is the card can be set per a cupboard door lock management, can all emergency open cupboard door lock. 2, the guest card to ( Open the door) Corresponding to each door open cupboard door. 3, IC electronics cabinets lock can implement one cartoon and sauna bath center management system. 4, the waiter card can't separate the door must be used in conjunction with the guest card to open the door, is called double card to open the door. 5, card has the function of increasing delete CARDS do not need to tear open the door. 6, with independent card ways, directly on the door lock card, simple and convenient. 7, low-voltage tips, power is lower than 3. Shortness of 8 v unlocked when the red light flashing, continuous ring two sound, the door at this time also can normal open 20 times, the need to replace the battery. 8, small lock using intelligent lock core, rational structure, safe and reliable operation. 9, strap is CARDS: easy to carry, waterproof, moistureproof, prevent high temperature and corrosion. ​
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