Use the fingerprint combination lock, just know how convenient to open the door!

by:Level      2020-07-13
When using the traditional mechanical lock, especially under the condition of living alone, if you forgot to take my keys or key is missing, can only find a locksmith unlock, then change the lock, etc. , also need to pay a fee. The number of this kind of circumstance happening also many, so expensive also trouble, right now, is determined to change their fingerprints after combination lock, the situation will not happen again. After use fingerprints on the combination lock, immediate change is out of the door key, do not need to wear machinery such as fingerprint, password, mobile phone can complete open operation, and don't have to wear & other; Key & throughout; Object to go out. Whether fingerprints, password, or mobile phones, use is very convenient, also won't have to forget the key door of pass in and out the problem. Such as the recent popular a hold open design fingerprint trick lock, the use of fingerprint lock, just holding hands at the same time identify fingerprint recognition through after can finish opened the door, down the handle the whole process is smooth, simple, quick, after use it like this way.
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