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by:Level      2020-08-09

with the development of the era, intelligent hotel has become a long-term development and efficient management of the trend in the future. Popular hotel intelligent control system with multi-function intelligent advantages to meet the needs of business intelligence and economization. So the intelligent control system has become many hotel management system. Below small make up use hotel intelligent control system what are the benefits to the enterprise in the following aspects in this paper.

1, the role of saving energy and reducing consumption

a regular hotel just consumed expenses such as lighting, elevator, air conditioning is very large, but also exists room unmanned, lighting, air conditioning systems are still in the running state, caused the loss of large amounts of energy. Use reputable hotel intelligent control system, fully consider the someone and no one, through the guest plug card to control, so for saving energy consumption play a big role.

2, to reduce the hotel service personnel labor intensity

choose hotel intelligent control system, the service personnel can enter the room through system according to accurate, real-time to clean, avoid the guests to the front desk before return a house again notification service personnel to clean red tape. So can not only improve the working efficiency and improve the quality of the service of the hotel.

3, improve enterprise service quality and win good reputation

hotel intelligent control system also has an emergency call and service function. When the guest is an emergency need to rescue, just press the call switch, the control system will automatically alarm to call. So hotel intelligent control system for the timely response to the guest service and improve enterprise service reputation has a positive role.

is to use the above hotel intelligent control system several aspects of benefits for the enterprise. Hotel intelligent control system for the realization of the intelligent management not only lay a good foundation, but also save manpower cost for the enterprise, saving energy and reducing consumption, reduce staff labor force, improve the quality of service, and promote the hotel and efficient management and economic development play an important role. So the hotel intelligent control system widely popular among hotel enterprises. However, as the hotel intelligent control system manufacturers increasingly is various, every hotel enterprise when choosing hotel intelligent control system must be manufacturer's market reputation and after-sales service multiple comparison in order to choose a good hotel intelligent control system.

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