Using fingerprint lock, important is not to improve security, but to enjoy the convenience of fingerprint lock | |

by:Level      2020-07-18
Choose the fingerprint lock, on the one hand, is to meet the needs of themselves, on the other hand is also in the quality of the fingerprint lock. A good enterprise often have dozens of fingerprint lock for the user to choose from. Users tend to choose to use their own products: there are used in door, divided into metal door and wooden door, with users of the chamber door, common to the wooden door and so on. Usually can use background: 1) , for many people the fingerprint to open the door, the product quality stability, performance is good; 2) And can share permissions to open the door, Can't allow householders and nannies, cleaners have the same open management permissions) ; 3) And is free to open the fingerprint (increase or decrease Nanny quit can easily remove her fingerprints) ; 4) , with some appropriate password function ( Fingerprint is, after all, the electronic part may have bad, temporary head of the household can open a door with password) , when trying to choose as far as possible don't choose too highlight password function products, password as fingerprint safe after all. There are usually two, four and 12 keys in daily life as far as possible don't use a password to open the door, can effectively avoid being stolen; 5) , must be with mechanical key, this is an alternate way to open the door, like planes, cars, although there is a automatic control state, but still retains the artificial control part, this is a safety consideration; Any electronic parts have the possibility of error, relative mechanical parts are much more stable, as home standby reserves the mechanical lock key to open the door, can be in door lock electronic part of the problem in a timely manner to open the door and convenient maintenance. Imagine if there was a fire in the home, or the thief was damaged due to not pry open the lock your door electronic parts of what would you do? Don't covet the so-called psychological security, and posterior regardless of buy, chose the no mechanical key lock. Actually using fingerprint lock, important is not to improve security, but to enjoy the convenience of fingerprint lock, need to strengthen the security of fingerprint lock, can make the fingerprint lock is connected to the smart home system. Part development port reserved for fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock manufacturer in intelligent household, only need to simple development of fingerprint lock, can real-time monitoring the fingerprint lock state, thus improve the security of fingerprint lock.
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