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by:Level      2020-08-08

the emergence of intelligent lock provides higher security guarantee for our life, now so many hotels are beginning to use hotel smart door lock instead of traditional locks, provide better service for the guests. But now a lot of manufacturers selling hotel smart door lock, so the hotel at the time of the procurement professional intelligence door lock need to pay attention to what problem?

1, security is very important,

reputable hotel smart door lock as a security guard products must have the security and reliability. While security can be measured from the two aspects: one is able to effectively resist vandalism, mischief and deliberate pry drill violent destruction. The second is can prevent technical open. So, the hotel's procurement staff when buying hotel smart door lock will pay attention to these two aspects of safety, ensure that the safety performance of high intelligence door lock.

2, functional stronger

hotel is a special environment, is also a place of service, room guests almost every day is different, so the choose and buy hotel smart door lock should have a variety of functions, including the timing of the room card, the door open, password level management, and the door state monitoring, etc. , so as to ensure that meet the hotel door lock using multiple requirements.

3, stable operation to

for hotel hotel smart door lock stability is also very important, after installation can according to user's willingness to open the door closed room, won't appear when I opened the door to open and close the door cannot be closed when the issue. And will have certain waterproof, anti-static and dust capacity, so as to ensure the operation of the hotel smart door lock is more stable and reliable.

for the hotel, use of high-end hotel smart door lock can enhance the overall image of the hotel, at the same time, more important is can effectively increase the security of the room, have better protection effect to the guests, and also can protect the privacy of the guest, should pay attention to every aspect of the problem when the choose and buy so smart door lock to ensure that the quality is reliable.

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