What are the advantages of campus using smart door lock?

by:Level      2020-07-14
With the progress of the society, intelligent gradually spreading, intelligent management has become a choice of many industries, among the more important step, is smart door lock. Let's see if campus using smart door locks, which can bring convenience. 1. Convenient pass in and out. Now many of the campus, especially university, are in the cartoon, but most of the id card or on the entrance guard, not used to the dormitory door. There are often many students forget to bring my keys, and then can only wait for students or aunt dormitory administrator to find the key. If installed smart door locks, diversified way to unlock, can prevent the occurrence of a lot of things. 2. Convenient management. Every year, the new report, old school graduation. In the dormitory on the key management, more trouble. If it is a smart locks, can be directly deleted the input fingerprint. The school also can through the system to check the students' record data access time, etc. But need to be connected to the lock to achieve unified management. 3. Reduce the cost. With smart door lock, can effectively reduce the freshmen enrolled or old school, don't have to collect and distribute mechanical keys, these all need time and space to arrange, smart door locks can be skipped as well.
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