What are the basic function, the factor is the special hotel door lock must be | |

by:Level      2020-07-21
Hotel dedicated locks basic function mainly includes the lock itself, stability and safety of whole service life, the hotel management functions. 1, the stability, the stability of the mechanical structure, especially the mechanical structure and the clutch lock structure; The stability of the motor working condition, the main expedition is whether to use the door lock motor; The stability of the circuit and anti-interference, mainly investigate whether there is a protection circuit design. 2, security: the user to examine from the structure design of hotel lock, because the door is unsafe, the mechanical structure design plays a critical role, especially the lock core technology, clutch motor is Paramount. 3, the service life of the whole: the hotel smart door lock design service life, is the necessary condition to meet the hotel pursue long-term economic benefits. Some hotels to install door lock, its surface with less than a year occurs rub off or rusty spot large area, this & other; Self-destruction image & throughout; The door lock, seriously affect the overall image of the hotel, often to the hotel late caused a lot of maintenance costs, reduce the hotel operation efficiency, serious will cause the hotel a great direct economic losses. Therefore, the user to select the service life of the whole long hotel electronic lock is very important. , four functions: hotel management for hotels, to accord with the normative management of hotel guest room management, management function of door lock should not only facilitate the guests, but also can improve the level of overall management of the hotel. So, electronic door lock good have the perfect hotel management function: & middot; With hierarchical management functions, and through the door lock set, different levels of open card automatically take effect; · The door lock card has the function of the time limit; · With functions of strong open complete records; Has a record of mechanical key to open the lock function; · Stability and reliability of the operation of the system software, large data capacity, low maintenance cost, can well solve & other; One cartoon & throughout; Technical interface of system; · Mechanical key emergency unlock function; Have emergency card set function; · There is the automatic alarm function; · Have the function of setting normally open normally closed, so that the meeting. · One cartoon function: with smart CARDS can be extended to achieve lock, telephone, attendance, closed-circuit television (CCTV) charges, dining, entertainment and consumption, parking and so on many management functions, primarily for the realization of the hotel one cartoon provide solutions. · The expansion of the hotel smart door lock system function: including hotel staff office, public channel, a dedicated channel and other system interfaces with the hotel, and other functions.
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