What are the basic functions hotel intelligent control system? - Hotel control system

by:Level      2020-08-10

with wisdom city and the wisdom of life fully open and the rapid development in all walks of life are all in the direction of the intelligent development, so now there are a lot of high-level high-grade hotels are beginning to use a variety of hotel intelligent control system, and through the high quality hotel intelligent control system for check-in passengers to provide more personalized service. Here is to know about the hotel welcome what are the basic functions in intelligent control system.

1。 Kinetic energy saving function

hotel intelligent control system can provide dynamic energy saving function. For example: when the guests enter the bathroom after hotel intelligent control system will automatically open the bathroom light, when the guest in activities within the scope of passive infrared sensors detect when the light is not to put out, but if there is no detection system within the set time of the hotel to the guest's mobile, you will automatically shut off the bathroom light, so as to achieve energy saving effect.

2。 Air conditioning environment presets feature

by preset function hotel intelligent control system of air conditioning environment, hotel staff can through online programming to realize the remote air conditioning state presets. For example, to set air conditioning to prepare models, comfortable, energy saving sleep mode, limit temperature mode and vacancy, etc, which can fully meet the personalized requirements, and the effect of low carbon environmental protection.

3。 Curtain control function

hotel intelligent control system with intelligent curtain control function, the hotel staff can through the control panel to manage the switch of the switch of the curtain, window screening, and it also can be set to welcome guests mode, night mode and alarm mode, so as to meet the different needs of the guests.

above is some of the basic functions of the hotel intelligent control system. Now by using a reputable hotel intelligent control system for the various equipment management can effectively improve the level of hotel management and quality, but also people can guests through technological equipment and feel more comfortable, modern hotel raise the satisfaction of guests to help.

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