What are the changes with smart door locks, life?

by:Level      2020-07-13
Remember every time when you go out before, have to remember to take a bunch of mechanical keys. If the key lost or forgot your, it is a very troublesome thing, or in other places have a spare key, or can only spend money to let the lock company, after it is in the lock. However after into smart door locks, this all have new changes. First of all, is to go out without wearing the key, no matter you are go out activities, walking, or shopping, play, or even out of town to work, don't have to carry with a mechanical keys. Just finger gently press, can complete identification to open the door. Very good make life easy and comfortable. Second security than traditional door lock. From the mechanical point of view, the C level lock smart door lock better safety performance, lock, even the technology cannot be realized in a short period of time. Smart door lock on the electronic parts and various security facilities, fingerprints, password, and the APP has a secret way, make smart door lock security level to the next level.
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