What are the characteristics of guest room control system? _ room control system

by:Level      2020-08-11

guest room control system adopted the advanced network communication technology, the intelligent lighting control, air-conditioning control, service control and management functions are effective sets. Through fully combining software and hardware, reliable guest room control system to meet the needs of hotel management and energy saving, giving guests the unique experience of high-tech and a full range of human services. Here is to get to know some what are the typical features of the system.

1. Wiring simple communication rate

hotel guest control system has a very important characteristic is the wiring is very simple, a complete set of guest room control system after the installation is complete, not only can have larger bandwidth and high speed communication, let the letter each coupon pathways within the hotel are very smooth, and later it is easy to maintain, can decrease the cost of investment control system in the guest of the hotel late and the use of the cost of maintenance management.

2. Advanced and complete function

guest room control system using advanced technology and optimizing can take advantage of resources, reduce the operation cost of the system. In addition, the hotel room control system also has a complete function, control function, including conventional room window magnetic linkage function of air conditioning, air conditioning remote control function, double function of infrared detection to room and view functions, etc. , let the hotel's management efficiency is higher.

3. Networking management improve efficiency

hotel's air defense system USES a reasonable architecture, computer can be connected to the work of departments, in addition, the control system of guest room room control terminal, locks, in-room safe, take the electric switch and thermostat can form a local area network (LAN), that the hotel staff can clearly understand the state rooms and the needs of the guests.

above are guest room control system has the characteristics of these features make reliable guest room control system has become the primary choice of hotels to choose. And, after also can be put into use, make equipment management of the hotel, guest room management, customer management, and other work can be better implemented, so as to improve the hotel service quality evaluation and obtain higher consumption.

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