What are the characteristics of hotel guest room control system? - Hotel intelligent control system

by:Level      2020-08-11

hotel rooms can control system security system of hotel guest room, the entrance guard system, central air conditioning system, intelligent light system, service system, background music system and intelligent to handle and control, real-time reflect the status of guest room, guest demand, service and equipment conditions, etc. , to help the hotel to the guest room equipment real-time control and internal resources analysis. So, what are the characteristics of the control system of hotel rooms and durable?

1, network communications fast

hotel rooms control system chooses international standard TCP/IP protocol, manipulation of the host RCU built-in types can the habit fast Ethernet interface, compatibility strong, fast transfer rate, for the hotel especially for wine guest room number, safe reliable. Using extremely throughout, the general characteristics of the network without special training, facilitate protection in the future.

2, big data

hotel room control system by many years of experience piled up, the function is strong, attention to detail, safe reliable. One of the most famous hotel rooms help control system contains the system software and client software, service software can be used to multiple operating system ( WINDOWS NT4。 0,WINDOWS 2000服务器) By using the function of strong Microsoft SQL Server database system.

3, strong compatibility

hotel room control system can be compatible with various types of door lock system, lock reading card the preset information. And hotel rooms control system according to the individual needs of each hotel, customize a variety of running form, in order to realize to the lamp, I help, background music, strong function, and air conditioning system, such as intelligent control to the hotel's service is more humanized.

small make up for your analysis above is company about some characteristics of the control system of hotel rooms, such as network communication fast, big data is dealt with as well as the strong compatibility and so on, can be largely for the optimization of all the service of the hotel. In addition, the hotel guest room control system also has safety protection control under special conditions can be early warned in advance, useful to improve the hotel safety index.

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