What are the characteristics of hotel intelligent lock system?

by:Level      2020-08-11

in the increasingly development of modern society, more and more being put into use of high-tech means, take the hotel, there are more and more hotel began using the advanced technology of the intelligent lock system, because use the quality excellent hotel intelligent lock system can bring many obvious advantages, to the hotel for hotel use the intelligent lock system is a very worthwhile, so, big hotel intelligent lock system ‍ what characteristics make them so popular recognition?

1, intelligently lock, which can realize long-distance communication

stable quality hotel ‍ intelligent lock system and traditional lock has a big difference in the class, because the hotel intelligent lock system can through the phone APP or mobile phone WeChat can unlock the door, so the function is very advanced. But hotel, intelligent lock system ‍ locks wireless communication distance is far, a controller can control and manage the smart locks at the same time.

2, locks, reliable and convenient construction

good hotels across the country ‍ intelligent lock system by use of the lock is very reliable, generally USES the built-in lock core door magnetic switch, do not need to separate set door magnetic switch can independently wiring construction, intelligent lock system and hotel ‍ all the lock tongue is made of stainless steel precision casting and become, strong and durable, very reliable safety. In the hotel intelligent ‍ lock system construction, due to the less wiring, because a floor need only a piece of string, so the hotel ‍ intelligent lock system construction is simple and convenient, can be completed quickly.

internationally renowned hotel intelligent lock system ‍ except with the above two obvious features, but also can implement a card holders, so use a card for check in at the hotel customers can open the door of the elevator door, door lock, door of the hotel and safe, and at the same time good quality hotel ‍ intelligent lock system can realize the room take electricity consumption and the corresponding functions such as parking lot management, can say the use of intelligent lock system, hotel is the hotel is very good.

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