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by:Level      2020-08-08

domestic senior guest control system with its powerful functions and humanized control system, thus become the hotel connect all rooms, service level is quite high and important facilities, also a renowned guest control system not only can save a lot of hotel human resources at the same time also can be a very good from the perspective of the tenant, the intelligent tenants to build a home feeling. Is so popular in such a control system of the guest, whether they have the superior configuration, we came to a look at today.


a powerful network structure its famous guest control system network structure is mainly divided into three kinds, so in the process of hotel managers use according to the actual situation of their hotel to choose different network structure. Although a strong guest network control system mainly divided into three but they all have a economic and reliable at the same time, the transmission speed, strong compatibility, the characteristics of easy to use. More important is the three network structure is not fixed, the hotel managers can through the use of the actual situation for the control system to change the network structure.

2。 Superhuman intelligence system

in the aspect of configuration control system is because has its outstanding intelligence system, which is popular among tenants. Which famous guest its intelligent control system mainly in (1) to intelligent user's identity, the most important is the guest can control system according to different user identities to give different permissions (2) to the user the dynamic process of the room, guest control system according to room status and thus for the intelligent template differentiation, while the demand, reduce the energy consumption of the hotel.

3。 Excellent security configuration

guest control system as an electronic system performance in security configuration is also very strong. Control system in the guest's medallion button using the weak current control, so even if the tenant in whom will accidentally spilled on the front panel, also don't have to worry about short circuit, leakage phenomenon. At the same time a famous guest control system at the time of their failure can also automatically report in a timely manner to the terminal system, not only greatly improve the efficiency of the breakdown maintenance, the maintenance cost but also reduce the artificial.

configuration is strong or not determines the stand or fall of a system, so a famous guest control system can be based on the contemporary competitive market environment, the cause of the biggest lies in its has a strong system configuration. Not only meet the different needs of the tenant in the service, at the same time in management is recognised by the hotel manager greatly, believe it's the beauty of the largest passenger control system.

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