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by:Level      2020-07-13
As the appearance of the smart home, intelligent lock on fingerprints, credit card, password, app unlock a variety of ways, far jilt mechanical locks in convenience and security, attention and loved by many consumers. But the price is uneven, the factors that affect the price? 1. The quality of the product quality is the root of the product, now many cheap products on the market, in order to profit, also can cut corners on quality. High quality products, its cost is high, so the price is higher also. 2. After-sale services and many people buy cheap online intelligent lock, encounter problems, merchants manufacturers are blame mistakes excuses, or even directly play missing. Those big brands of smart locks, its price also include the cost of service, even if there is a problem, also have after-sales staff to help solve the problem. 3. Functional smart locks, as the name implies intelligence is its value, a variety of lock mode and network gateway equipment, is its high price factor, and the source of many consumers.
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