What are the factors affect the price of the fingerprint combination lock

by:Level      2020-07-13
With the continuous application of various types of smart home products, fingerprint combination lock as intelligent household anti-theft security, entertainment, leisure and convenience of smart home products, nature also became the subject of popular, popular with the number of homes, apartments and hotels. And when they buy, how to choose a good fingerprint combination lock and its price is more concerned about. Fingerprint combination lock size factors what price? 1, the function: for some combination of fingerprint products has a variety of functions, also due to the production process is relatively complicated, the price will be relatively high. For example which has the function of fingerprint password and fingerprint combination lock is better than simply has a password in the form of a fingerprint combination lock price is higher, and now popular mobile phone APP lock unlock, bluetooth, etc. , to increase intelligence module so the price will be more expensive than ordinary fingerprint combination lock. 2, material: material fingerprint combination lock material, will determine the price of fingerprint combination lock to a certain extent. Because in general, some selected high-quality raw materials for production of fingerprint combination lock product, because its material cost is invisible increased, so the price of the product is relatively speaking, will be higher. Now fingerprint combination lock material appear on the market basically is zinc alloy, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. 3, brand: brand fingerprint combination lock on the market now is various, between each brand smart lock the price also is not the same. Because each brand can be due to the great differences in the configuration, internal cause of the price also is not the same. Some tens of thousands of prices, the price also has a few hundred, but most domestic brand of fingerprint combination lock is between several thousand. 4, quality: quality is the important measure of a company a factor, because the fingerprint combination lock is covers electronic components, for customers or dealers don't understand, if there is a problem of time must be for the enterprise, if the quality is not pass, in the aspect of after-sales will increase the cost of enterprise.
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