What are the function room control system? _ room control system

by:Level      2020-08-13

guest room control system with easy and intuitive operating mode, have a serial port communication function, can with the service desk for instant communication, realize the real-time monitoring and reach of the guest room information, convenient hotel rooms for dynamic and efficient management, let a guest feel high and new technology brings high quality service. Here is to know about the guest room control system trust what function.

1, the control function rooms are highly intelligent control system, through the terminal system to the hotel each room to realize the comprehensive control, including guest room lighting control, the intelligent control of air conditioning, electric curtain control and exhaust fan control. Through the control function, the hotel can provide more convenient and comfortable service for the guests, make room environment more livable, guests within the hotel experience will be more perfect.

2, room service function room service is the most important in the process of hotel services, through the guest room control system, every room in the hotel have a doorbell, clean up the room, and do not disturb, and other functions, and through the control system of the hotel, guests can also get an appointment check-out, SOS emergency, maintenance requests, butler service request, order and beverage service, perfect service for all guests in the hotel.

3, energy saving function of the hotel rooms are equipped with an infrared microwave detector, type suction a top installed in the bathroom ceiling. When someone comes into infrared detection area, guest room control system will automatically open the lens headlight lamps and exhaust fan, when guests leave the bathroom, if infrared detector in the set period of time less than someone signal monitoring, automatically shut down the entire toilet lamp and exhaust fan, enter power saving mode.

above all, reliable guest room control system has many important functions, these functions are guest room control system for the hotel's service specific and tailor-made, so after the hotel use room control system can achieve better control equipment, and provide more perfect service for the guest, in addition to better save energy.

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