What are the installation considerations for hotel guest control system? - Room control system

by:Level      2020-08-13

the hotel guest control system is mainly a seed systems, essential in modern hotel in order to be able to make the hotel guest control system play a role of the monitoring and management and energy saving, and other functions, not only to install and use, with good quality products to and due to the high technical for construction personnel shall be under the guidance of professional personnel for installation work. So, when installing a domestic senior hotel guest control system should pay attention to what issues?

when installing the hotel guest control system for many people, a specific installation position should be clear and hospitable control enclosure, generally people usually hotel guest control system can be installed in the ceiling, chest and the back of the luggage, during the installation process installation personnel also notice in front of the enclosure must be the location of the line stop.

2, hotel guest control system during installation shall, in accordance with requirements of the design drawings in advance, and all the RCU in the strength of the wire should be involved in the good line Numbers are identified according to the good drawing and it is forbidden to strength wire and Shared the same line pipe, and high voltage power distribution box should be placed in the mains socket.

3, hotel guest control system should clear when installing door magnetic specific installation location and installation, such as independent door magnetic door should be installed above the door frame, while the wired and wireless part should be installed on the frame and the corresponding location on the door.

4, the installation of hotel guest good infrared control system should be carefully clear specific installation position and according to the actual number of wiring, infrared to toilet installation position should be avoided in a toilet door position, and the installation position should be avoided for chest infrared in is to prevent the guests from the door to the position of the wardrobe door caused by wrong operation.

the above content is what people should be paid attention to when installing a hotel guest control system of the related points, hotel guest control system for the development of the whole operation of the hotel operation system for continuous improvement to upgrade, because the guest have more complex control system design of operating function keys, in order to ensure that people use effect should be based on factors such as the hotel's line properly installed.

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