What are the key points of household intelligent lock?

by:Level      2020-07-24
In recent years, the household intelligent lock because of its safety, convenient wait for a characteristic, gradually into many families love by consumer. Especially the fingerprint unlock function, let the door no longer bound by mechanical keys, let household intelligent lock factory say about fingerprint unlock those things. Fingerprint identification technology, at present, it is a technology is relatively mature technology, in the home intelligent lock, use optical fingerprint recognition at the beginning, now basically is to use the fingerprint identification of the semiconductor. Compared with optics recognition, most semiconductor identification can be adapted to the environment and the fingerprint type, at the same time may vary according to the study, at the same time its biological technology can identify human fingerprints or false fingerprints. In general, a household intelligent lock can be input fingerprint quantity are above 40 to 50, some can reach more than 100, normally is enough, in addition to the common people need input more fingers, for temporary users such as loan, nannies, cleaners, etc. , only one of the input, departure, deletes, simple and convenient, better life.
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