What are the key points to choose the appropriate fingerprint combination lock?

by:Level      2020-07-13
Today's smart door lock in the market, the fingerprint door lock brand is numerous, style is multifarious, how to choose suits own trick lock, the fingerprint and guaranteed quality and after sales. The following fingerprint lock manufacturer to give you some advice. The stability of the fingerprint combination lock is an important indicator of stability good fingerprint combination lock is after manufacturer long-term experiments and tests, finalize the design, determine the stability after the product line at the meeting, so, choose trick lock, the fingerprint has to choose has the independent research and development production fingerprint lock manufacturers, its door lock quality and stability is guaranteed, at the same time so the manufacturer of the after-sales service is more perfect. Fingerprint combination lock versatility is one of the more important point. Good commonality, means that match most of the door, so you don't have to open hole drilling damage. If there are any after-sales issues need to remove at the same time, we can also install the original mechanical lock. Set aside.
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