What are the pitfalls intelligent lock market?

by:Level      2020-06-30
In today's market, many intelligent lock brand, many low-cost smart locks in the product marketing, will steal their concepts, exaggerated, avoid light is heavy and other methods to deceive consumers. Let's see what are the specific routines. 1. Brand concept is strong, but not foreign brand is better than the domestic many people like to buy foreign products, also some people in the propaganda of foreign brands are better than domestic, these are all wrong, is used to mislead consumers, not to mention the domestic brand in the design, manufacture and other leading level, domestic intelligent lock brand for our domestic truth to design and manufacture, with most locks used in our country. 2. New technology is not necessarily good for the lock, it is important to the implementation of its safety performance. Now a mature technology for fingerprint recognition, passwords, etc. , these features of stability and safety have some guarantee; The present new techniques such as finger vein, palm vein, face recognition, iris recognition, etc. , there are some problems, relative to the fingerprint identification technology, not so mature, holes for the stability and safety of the locks exist. 3. Confusing concept some businesses in some small white customers, using them to don't understand in the field of intelligent lock, etc. , put some confused concepts, such as optical recognition and semiconductors, lock core level, etc. , exaggerated, cheat consumer.
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