What are the precautions for select rooms intelligent lock _ room intelligent lock

by:Level      2020-08-11

the existence of the intelligent lock is to reveal how the progress of science and technology for our life brought the convenience of feeling, have the intelligent lock actually reduce the burden of our life and travel for the inconvenience, but the popular rooms intelligent lock can quickly lock don't have to carry heavy other items. So for customers to choose room what are the precautions for smart locks?

a, timely attention to the input fingerprint should not shut without input

there are a lot of users in the use of smart locks before often forget the fingerprint input ahead of time, because there is no room intelligent lock loss fingerprint so can't timely to unlock and discern, and because the door has been closed can't again so it is easy to cause trouble need to reset the program input fingerprint, so before the selection room intelligent lock and installation must pay attention to the input fingerprint and related data.

2, be careful to be familiar with the intelligent reading manual operation in a timely manner because intelligent operation

many older people do not understand is not familiar with, therefore before installing the rooms intelligent lock must be familiar with the operation of the intelligent understanding of relevant knowledge, and to carefully watch the intelligent lock instruction will locks for installation of hand and put it into practice, it can make the customer more understand the running situation of intelligent locks and lock principle.

3, attention must remember password cannot be omitted or forgotten

as a result of the intelligent lock unlock the binding source is set password, so be sure to keep in mind the rooms intelligent password lock and unlock password can't forget, otherwise it is easy to cause the door is locked and the restructuring of the procedure to need to remove the installation and requires a lot of time and cost more cost to make a locksmith to open the lock.

quality rooms intelligent lock not only has a very powerful effect on quality and is very convenient. Choose smart rooms should be timely input fingerprint lock not only need to pay attention to prevent subsequent forgotten, but also need to pay attention to should be more familiar with the intelligent operation in a timely manner to check the instruction, but also pay attention to bear in mind that the password to prevent problems due to insufficient unlock source not set.

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