What are the reasons for sauna lock can't open the lock

by:Level      2020-08-06
Sauna lock generally unable to open the door is there are many reasons, this one is in need of a used method to try to open the lock, only in this way can also find the fundamental reasons, sauna lock is electronic products, inevitably affected by external environment, such as: weather environment, operation mechanism, have negative influence on the various complex factors such as dust, all we also want to be better in the process of daily use of maintenance, to prevent such problems at critical moments. Sauna lock using frequency, inevitably some problems encountered in the process of using, for example: after induction CARDS, sauna lock don't respond, when there are several reasons for the existence of this kind of situation. The first possibility: just change the battery, perhaps the panel to move outside, the rotation of the lock changed, lead to open the door handle, Generally in the absence of a credit card, the handle is idle, the principle of electronic lock is very simple, the lock is a motor, motor with a push plate, a credit card machine operation, the motor drives the push board, pushing plate to promote bolt, bolt is set, then press the handle to open the door, down the handle to open the door after touches a switch, and then the motor running, pushing plate has retracted, bolt has returned to the in situ, put his hand down will be idle, all electronic card lock the door, no credit card is closed, handle, moreover after the credit card is not pressure motor will anyway after 5 seconds, the door will automatically lock normally closed) 。 The second possibility: is there is something wrong with the motor, motor rotation or not rotation ( Motor does not turn can listening with ears, have driven voice, someone will ask, hear the sound of the rotation, how also can't open the lock, it is because the inside of the motor components point is out of order, has the motor of the spring is broken, motor drive board is broken, the reason of this kind of problem will lead to can't open the door) 。 Generally good products, electricity use in 5 years time, low-cost products motor can only commonly used a year or so, there will be a problem, sauna lock, choice of electronic lock, quality and after-sales are guaranteed. Is a third reason: some customers before didn't installed in the door, with a battery test door lock, and then put on the door, a credit card can't open, why would the factory at the time of factory set to often open, in order to master carpenters to install sauna lock is convenient and simple, and easy to understand, won't appear off the problem occurred, if you want to install the convenience, the charge after switching off the power and the locks in a normally open state, so on to install the lock will not appear this kind of circumstance. Through the above methods, believe that the user will be able to solve the handle after sauna lock card can't open the fault.
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