What are the risk of low intelligence door lock?

by:Level      2020-07-29
All say a penny a points goods, for smart door lock, also is applicable. In the smart door locks, the industry brand is numerous, on some of the network shopping platform, can be easily found to smart door locks, but the price difference is bigger. So cheap smart door lock will be what are the risks? Smart door lock is a basic quality of the low prices, small brands and businesses, in order to pass the low price competition, at the same time also has a certain profit, can reduce the cost in the product material. Although on the surface and the big brands were similar, functional. But used for a period of time, all kinds of quality problems will be revealed. After after-sales is one of the cost, and the low intelligence door lock is basically no after-sale, once appear quality problem, can't open the door, looking for the hand of the after-sales, customer service will be pushed around, even can't find the person directly. At that time not only to open the door, the safety in the home also threatened, do more harm than good.
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