What are the role - hotel intelligent control system Rcu control system

by:Level      2020-08-08

with more and more hotel choice to introduce new system technology, to complete the hotel's actual service resources of docking with the customers. Hotel intelligent control system is in the hands of the hotel the policy-maker, bearing the important role in the hotel culture transmission, the system is concise and effective cognitive, meet the customer's perceptions of the hotel and to further help guide to reshape the customer habits of hotel choice. Hotel intelligent control system, then, what role?

a, allocate tasks through the system, reduce human costs

most traditional hotel will adopt manpower, to complete the registration and hotel resource depletion of passenger flow records. And credible hotel intelligent control system can replace most in need of artificial to allocate work, complete the automatic registration of customer information and preferences to remind, automatic cleanup remind cleaner room, in a timely manner according to the set of internal parameters remind managers equipment wear and tear.

personnel, reduce the errors of transfer information of

business hotel knows that, on the books of the hotel's daily flow the huge amount of information, in which mixed with a variety of customer feedback and the problem of management personnel's mistake and problem. Sometimes meet because people itself exists difference and error of memory, fail to submit feedback problem and error information forgotten, whereas hotel intelligent control system will be original problem and the data preserved, reduce the personnel information errors.

3, personalized service through rapid configuration, improve satisfaction

because where there is a good hotel intelligent control system of hotel management experience and the actual housing experience, so the question is very important also. Good hotel intelligent control system is able to through the various facilities of hardware operation, quickly complete reservation customers booking request, including food and beverage making and hot water in advance to prepare in advance and so on, these little details can greatly improve the customer satisfaction.

at present, the hotel intelligent control system to fulfill the customers by technical personnel set handling tasks, the decomposition and transformation of the decrease of the intermediate managers allocate the manpower cost. And through the hotel intelligent control system data integration, each part to ensure the actual problem primitiveness and integrity of data, at the same time, bring up the feedback information, need to complete to help managers intuitive understanding and solve. In addition, through the real-time transfer of service within the hotel reservation information hardware, complete the personalized needs of customers.

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