What are the typical features of sauna cabinet lock

by:Level      2020-08-07
With the development of science and technology constantly, intelligent technology has been widely used to the life, has become indispensable in the life of a product, mechanical locks before gradually replaced by intelligent lock, such as more widely, such as: the gym, bath center, or hot spring center and so on place to satisfy all the security demand for more efficient, most of the bathroom more wardrobe would choose to install sauna lock electronic lock, so the electronic sauna lock what characteristic to have? Believe everyone through the following series of words can find the answer, also can be more understanding. Electronic locker lock features: 1, the electronic housing lock is high strength gear start engine, an automatic unlock card. 2, electronics cabinets lock hand key style, varieties, novel styles, card chip have waterproof, heat release function. 3, electronics cabinets lock installation is firm, and the installation process simple and flexible. 4, have the function of the single or double card to open the door, the user can freely choose the way to set up single or double card to open the door. 5, single card open mode: managers can use card to open the door, guests can be used when using a door with the guest card. 6, the double card open mode: managers can card to open the door, the guests to the attendant when using card used together can open the door. 7, card has the function of add and remove does not need to open the door, or change the locks. 8 match card mode, independent type, match card directly on the door lock, the operation is simple and convenient. Section 9, low-power design USES 4 5 cell ( Advice is alkaline batteries) 。 10, the battery is lower than 3. Lock will automatically alarm prompt at 5 v, but still can standby one month or continue to 100 times, it is recommended to lock on alarm, replace the battery. 11, with an external power supply: every lock are equipped with an external power supply interface, when the battery run out can't open the door you can use the power converter successfully open the door. 12, anti-theft alarm function: when the door is not the time for hand or confusion, the door will automatically alarm prompt can't open the door. 13, pry proof function: resist FangQiaoMen stealing behavior. 14, also have computer card function: through the front desk system electronic lock can open the door, after the issuing card computer will have record at a time, to prevent the receptionist SongRenQing dynamic data updating, prevent hand the key to be copied. 15 and the lock on the panel can laser printing customer specified LOGO, word or pattern, etc.
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