What are the typical features of smart door lock _ hotel smart door lock

by:Level      2020-08-10

domestic well-known hotel smart door lock is thought that the hotel guests to provide a safe and convenient room service as its core service, this also is one of the standards of modern hotel services, use of prestigious hotel smart door lock let a guest feel warmth, comfort and safety, through an aesthetic door lock design concept, quick speed, opening up of by the characteristics of the hotel smart door lock let customers experience the excellent hotel service.


panel structure in the hotel smart door lock has a lot of word of mouth is an integral panel structure is used to make, because such panel structure can embody the integration of the manufacturing process, can avoid the chip processing, to ensure that the hotel smart door lock is more durable and impact resistance, not easy to loose easily. And the surface of the hotel smart door lock are basically no exposed screw, also can be used fully meet in a public environment, damage resistance stronger, longer service life.

2, free hand

many domestic well-known hotel smart door lock basically is to use this kind of free hand design technology, through such design technology can be when the clutch is closed or out of, let the hotel smart door lock to feel force, can truly prevent the handle from destruction and influence structure inside the door lock. Level of more than three,

key card function responsibilities clear

many hotels are according to the demand for hotel management hotel smart door lock to set many kinds of card, such as emergency CARDS, card and guest card and so on floor, use what size of the hotel smart door lock can be used to experience a different effect, generally hold emergency CARDS are security department, so that when necessary, open the all smart door lock system.

hotel smart door lock function is perfect, operation is extremely simple, can query through system operation records etc, investigate the relevant information and all kinds of report generation and printing, so can let the hotel operators more easily grasp the operations of the hotel, such as hotel smart door lock can pass icon clearly show room status, make an operator for all room condition be clear at a glance to make housing decisions quickly.

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