What attracted you to smart door lock?

by:Level      2020-07-03
With the development of modern science and technology, society tends to be intelligent, all kinds of intelligent products emerge in endlessly, the wisdom of the intelligent household door lock is the most famous of these, is also a important safety security of our family. So what's the attraction smart door lock? 1. Locks the mission, is to protect, so smart locks itself safety is very important. Different from the traditional mechanical locks, anti-theft lock smart door lock has on the mechanical parts in addition to the body and a lock, lock prevention technology has also added the induction on electronic alarm, encountered violent disassembly, password, trial and error and so on will be out of the alarm, panic withdrawal criminals. 2. Intelligent brings convenience to the life. A wide variety of open means, fingerprints, password, CARDS, mobile phone APP, small program, remote control, etc. , as choice, according to the habit of family to use, and voice prompt function, operation is simple. If smart door lock lock not matter or not, there will be prompt or push information to the binding of mobile phone, can timely find and lock the door. 3. Appearance design conforms to the modern people's taste. Is different from the mechanical lock the same model and color, smart door lock not only shape have their own characteristics, also equipped with many colors to decorate meet user requirements, and the design of overall meet regularly, such as holding open, use very convenient.
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