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by:Level      2020-08-11

away guests will first chooses hotel accommodation with security, so there is a word of mouth hotel smart door lock into the guest the important issues of mutual concern, after the guests use the hotel smart door lock, I don't need to worry about this problem, so that guests can more freedom to open the door, this hotel smart door lock for the guest to let them have a sense of security, tourism is more important is the sense of freedom and security.

a, the guest's security

due to the reputation of the hotel smart door lock is belong to the safety of the lock tongue against the door lock, if after the guest check in hotel, the guest need to go out to do something, you can safely go to do things, because anyone with sheet metal is unable to open the door from outside. The guest back to the hotel, hotel smart door lock open will be more secure.

. The sense of freedom, guest

after the use of domestic well-known hotel smart door lock, when the guest check in the hotel at the reception desk register, hotel smart door lock as in the past no longer need to the more traditional mechanical locks, looking for the waiter opened the door with mechanical key, so that we can reduce some unnecessary trouble.

3, eradicate guest

in each hotel every day in a job like this, is to send notice to batches guests, this is a very troublesome work, so using the hotel smart door lock, many hotels will not conflict with a client, for this kind of thing from 'back to the guest' reduce, or some guests owe a lot of the rent and escape, so it is possible to make the hotel cause great economic losses.

after the hotel smart door lock, then need to delay live guest must to the front desk formalities, otherwise the hotel smart door lock set time limits for induction card within the key to open. In addition if guest room had a accident, as long as open a door with data card to take out the hotel smart door lock record and print it out, you can get the right evidence to determine the authenticity of this accident.

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