What circumstances will have no reaction after the hotel card lock handle, dozen don't open the door

by:Level      2020-08-07
Is now the trend of social development, hotel lock is also more and more people choose to buy, on our way to use some common problems tend to be don't know is how to solve, many will appear after why hotel door lock card, press the handle will be have no reaction, dozen don't open the door, the problem is there are several possible: the first is probably just finished in battery, perhaps the panel to move outside, turn the lock set of changes, which will lead to open the door handle idling ( Generally without a credit card, the handle is idle, the principle of electronic lock can be very simple, the lock is a motor, motor with a push plate, a credit card machine operation, the motor drives the push board, pushing plate to bolt, bolt is set, then press the handle to open the door, down the handle to open the door after touches a switch, and then the motor reversal, push board has retracted, bolt has returned to the in situ, put his hand down will be idle, so electronic card lock the door, no credit card is closed, don't press the handle, after is to swipe motor is anyway after 5 seconds, the door is locked normally closed) 。 The second reason is that there is something wrong with the motor, the motor does not turn or rotate ( Motor does not turn can be listening with ears, have driven the voice of 'bursts' bursts, also some people will ask, then the motor in the case of transfer also can appear what are opening, such cases because the inside of the motor components is broken, spring break, have motor motor drive board is broken, the situation will lead to open problems) 。 Generally good products, electric chances to use to five years, low-cost products motor can only be used to a year or so, will also appear problem, hotel locks, choose cloud electronic lock, guaranteed quality and after-sale. A third reason is that some customers will before shipped without the door, will use battery test door lock, but in each pack in charge after the door wouldn't open, and this is why the factory will be in the factory Settings for normally open state, is to be able to master carpenters hotel lock, convenient installation and easy to understand, avoid open problems, if want to convenient installation, is power off, immediately after the credit card is lock in a normally open state, so the installation is no problem. ​
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