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by:Level      2020-08-13

in the past decade rapid development in science and technology, the biggest changes are reflected in people's life style and living level, pay attention to the modern people enjoy the various services are also increasingly stringent quality requirements, such as restaurant, hotel, etc. So high quality guest control system is more and more frequent used in hotels, to improving customer experience and enhance customer viscosity to bring more profits. Concrete with a high level of guest control system, then, what characteristics to attract many customers?

first, which can realize the customer check-in autonomization

implementation customer check-in self-support can not only save time, make customer during check-in settled in the form of more in line with our needs and improve customer satisfaction, can also save hotel itself resources expenses and to reduce unnecessary disputes. Guest control system of the user's system can realize self-help open building, self-service check-out, self-help renewal, authentication and other basic service demand, and follows the trend of The Times to support including scanning, unionpay, membership card payment and other payment methods to pay.

second, background, practical and convenient

user functionality is suitable for the front desk was deeply loved by customers and respected, in addition to the guest control system is practical and convenient backstage function also let hotel management personnel. Multifarious trivial report query can be completed by the guest control system, help the hotel to perform a statistical analysis of the profit statement and query, make the management scale and the responding hotel operating conditions; As part of the machine failure can also through the control system sends a message to remind, timely handling response quickly. Some guest control system with the advertising screen, which can be the opportunity to achieve the purpose of publicity, fully staffed.

above, it is a value of two major characteristics of control system. The presence of the guest control system satisfy the using demand of the users with the hotel, also complied with the development of science and technology to the intelligent, functionalization, digital evolution, bring more profits for the hotel and save some of the spending generated sales of higher, therefore become one of the hotels now essential system.

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