What hotel smart door lock system is the basic characteristics of _ hotel smart door lock system

by:Level      2020-08-06

hotel smart door lock system is by the door lock side, cloud platform, and mobile APP of three parts. Door lock side mainly includes master microcontroller, digital keyboard module, an identification card, read module and Wi - Fi communication module, used to control the identity authentication and open/shut. Cloud platform use jingdong micro couplet, realizes the mobile terminal and the communication on door lock. User operations APP on the mobile end, used to register and to remote control door lock. Here's the hotel smart door lock system has the basic characteristics of ‍.

1, the stability of the system

hotel smart door lock system's fundamental purpose is to provide high quality service for the customer, if the design of the pompous door lock system, will not only increase the cost of the hotel, but will also reduce the occupancy of hotel, ultimately affect the hotel's social impact. Door lock system according to the different data acquisition methods can be divided into real-time sampling and offline, but no matter what kind of ways do not affect the normal use of door lock system, hotel smart door lock system network is mainly divided into: backbone and terminal communication subnet. The stability of the system as a primary characteristic hotel only door lock system.

2, the system security hotel smart door lock system of security is trustworthy. Because now to buy tickets, tickets were introduced the system, and the country's Ministry of Public Security requirements must be real-name registration hotel, people travel without id little probability, the id card lock mode for system design. Can reduce the production cost hotel or apartment room card, eliminating the reception room card management link, and was relieved from the in room card is lost or failure of customer inconvenience, convenient and quick. Hotel smart door lock system should first choose which a good public praise.

3, the system can expand sex

hotel smart door lock system is scalable. Using high elastic silicone fingerprint film instead of finger to unlock the fingerprint, fingerprint range, a more real simulation effect; Using silica gel human head replace real human body, face and appearance can change, the real application scenario. Have electricity protective function, after power on without manual intervention may continue to test; To record and time of the switch frequency experiment; With a preset functions and experimental test times preset time. Hotel smart door lock system when the design should ensure that the system has certain can expand sex.

this is the characteristics of the hotel smart door lock system. This new type of safe hotel smart door lock system id card identification technology, wireless communication technology and other organic combination, implements the unlock information reporting, user unlock information records, etc. Thus to lower the cost of development, implementation of apartments and hotels have no room card intelligent management, simplify the management process of apartment and hotel, at the same time experience for customers to provide convenient and quick.

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