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by:Level      2020-07-18
What is a smart door lock? Smart door lock the manufacture craft and the structure of traditional locks, make it more security; Apply the Internet of things technology on the door lock, eliminating the traditional cumbersome steps when opening the door, make the door becomes easy and fun. Let a person enjoy by means of the intelligent & other; Lazy people throughout life &; And the direction of future business development. General intelligence door lock of the door way including: fingerprint, password and card intelligent door locks, remote control, such as bluetooth and APP how to do? 1, managers set ( After they leave the default Settings for the first time the fingerprint and password manager) Steps: 1) Equipped with batteries (2) Open the slide or wake up the screen 3) Press any fingerprints or enter any password, press # #, enter into the state of registration (4) According to the voice prompt input 3 times in a row the same fingerprint, and then enter the same password twice in a row, complete the administrator to register. 2, into the management system management system only the administrator can enter steps: 1) Open the slide or wake up the screen 2) By pressing the administrator fingerprints or enter the administrator password, don't press the handle, press # # key management into the system. 3, add or remove fingerprints, password, and door card, remote control operation steps: 1) Open the slide or wake up the screen 2) 3) enter the administrator system According to the screen
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