What is smart door lock doors can be installed?

by:Level      2020-07-03
Many people now understand, smart door lock has a variety of open means, such as fingerprints, password, keys, CARDS, mobile phone, the APP and so on, to solve various problems caused by the key. However, not all the doors can be installed smart door locks, below, smart door locks manufacturer to tell you how the door can be installed. Material aspects: household intelligence door lock is not on the glass door, metal door, door, etc. , unfavorable openings, door plank and fragile. Opening will cause the damage of the door. Thickness: semi-automatic smart door lock normally need door in more than 40 mm to 120 mm thick; Fully automatic intelligent door locks, due to the different design its required door thick than general semi-automatic smart door lock slightly a little thick. So before buying, need to ask customer service, whether or not his door can be installed. Some time is relatively long wooden door, etc. , its material aging, for open hole and easy to damage, or in use process cause sinking, the opening and closing is not stable, so that it is damaged.
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