What is superior to domestication of fingerprint lock, safe?

by:Level      2020-07-08
Fingerprint password technology is locks a trend of development, using the fingerprint lock represents fashion, noble, the atmosphere. Appearance design fashionable and generous. As a high-end locks & ndash; — Fingerprint lock has Europe type restoring ancient ways, Chinese style, elegance and so on the appearance of all sorts of styles, surface process also USES the gold, copper, chromium, and many other craft, as delicate as works of art. Additional intelligence prevent peep, unique phantom password input method design and so on, are very popular on the market. Fingerprint lock fingerprint lock advantage is what? 1, safety: ordinary mechanical lock keys can be copied, others owners do not trust, after using fingerprint uniqueness, no two complete fingerprints all over the world. 2, convenience: don't have to carry the key, and it is not lost the key, a person's fingerprint life unchanged, and an input fingerprint, can all his life. And a person can enter different finger fingerprint. Touch that is open, the lock. 3, can expand sex: 199 fingerprints can tolerate, and feel free to register the input fingerprint and delete fingerprints, the management of the fingerprint is very convenient, compared with the ordinary mechanical lock keys and key chagrin, particularly useful in the office occupancy and rental housing. 4, can set up 8 group password, and passwords peeping prevention function. And fast operation, the password can change at any time. 5, free of maintenance for a long time: general mechanical lock with short life time, and in the process of using easily breaks down, had to break into the house, and based on the fingerprint lock not breaks down. 6, high identification rate: boomed from less than 1%, false rate is less than one over one million, 360 & deg; In arbitrary Angle can be correct than a fingerprint. 7, fashion: fingerprint password technology is the developing direction of the locks, use represents fashion, noble, fingerprint lock. Appearance design fashionable and generous. What are the disadvantages fingerprint lock fingerprint lock? 1, some people or some groups of fingerprint fingerprint features less, hard to imaging. 2, every use of fingerprints on fingerprint left the user's fingerprint impressions, which are used to replicate the fingerprint of fingerprints. 3, the stability of the combination lock and durability without mechanical password is strong.
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