What is the definition of smart door lock?

by:Level      2020-07-04
With the development of the era, all kinds of intelligent equipment began to gradually entered the ordinary families, by far the more heat is smart door lock. Many families have been equipped with smart door lock, but the understanding of the smart door lock is relatively small, so what is the definition? About the definition of intelligent door locks, released earlier China hardware products association are described in the smart locks consumer guide: according to the China hardware products association standard in 'electronic smart lock' is defined as: & other; On the ontology to electronically to identify, deal with the biological characteristic information, such as electronic information, network, communication and control machinery throughout the implementation of opening and closing of the door lock actuator &; Electronic door lock. Simply smart door lock is electronic information technology and the combination of mechanical locks, category is improved on the basis of traditional mechanical lock upgrade, identification, management safety more intelligent for the users, and facilitation of lock.
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