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by:Level      2020-07-18
Shenzhen smart door lock is different from traditional mechanical locks, in terms of user identification, security, manageability more intelligent lock, in the field of security technology to guard against, electronic fingerprint lock locks with anti-theft alarm functions instead of traditional mechanical combination lock, overcoming the mechanical combination lock password quantity is little, the shortcomings of poor safety performance, make the combination lock both in technology and step in performance are improved greatly. Shenzhen smart door lock is a safety, convenience, advanced technology of compound locks. So what is the distinguishing feature of shenzhen smart door lock? 1. Convenience of shenzhen smart door lock difference from general mechanical lock, with automatic induction locking system, shenzhen smart door lock automatically sensing the door is closed, the system will automatically locked. Shenzhen smart door lock by fingerprint, touch screen, open the door. Shenzhen smart locks in commonly use password/function such as fingerprint registration is not convenient, especially the elderly and children, when using individual shenzhen smart door lock, can be turned on its unique voice prompt function, let the user operation more simple and easy to understand. 2. Interactive shenzhen smart locks the built-in embedded processors, with any time between tenants are interaction ability, visitors can take the initiative to report on the same day. Another aspect of visitors can even shenzhen intelligent remote control door lock to open the door for the visiting guests. 3. Durability of shenzhen smart locks the design of the front and back panels are reasonable, and shenzhen smart door lock module and application system is very sensitive, good with, shenzhen smart locks used chip is through long-term market validation, effect is good, of course. 4. Convenient shenzhen smart door lock as the name implies is to use fingerprint to unlock the door, then we can leave out the keys of trouble, also won't because I forgot to bring my keys and locked the door, in and out of the door is closed is a much convenient and quick. Shenzhen smart door locks, of course, is not only safe, convenient, also very fashionable, smart. 5. Smart door lock security shenzhen also has the function of the phantom password technology, namely behind or in front of the registered password, you can enter any number as a password, effectively prevent registration password leak, and also can open the door. What is the distinguishing feature of intelligent door locks for shenzhen share for you here, today shenzhen smart door lock is a sign of The Times, will become the mainstream in the future housing locks, is not only a kind of mainstream, the emergence of intelligent locks, to safeguard our personal and property security, is also a kind of convenience.
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