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by:Level      2020-07-18
What is the fingerprint anti-theft door lock? Fingerprint anti-theft door lock is the smart locks, it is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and the combination of modern hardware technology. The fingerprint characteristics become an important evidence for identification and is widely used in public security police and judicial field. Fingerprint authentication has the characteristics of convenient, fast and accurate. Fingerprint anti-theft door lock safe? Fingerprint anti-theft door lock is by identifying human fingerprint to open the door. Fingerprint has uniqueness in biology, fingerprints repetition rate is 5000000000. Second, fingerprints have had sex, not easy to copy, even if go out to forget to bring my keys, don't lost a fingerprint. 3 now there are two kinds of fingerprint identification technology, respectively, optical and semiconductor, optical fingerprint identification can be achieved by false fingerprint identification, but because of the difficulty of the fingerprint acquisition too big it can be neglected; Another is semiconductor technology, because the recognition technology can go deep into the dermis, which can identify so can effectively prevent false fingerprint lock. Also note that the fingerprint lock is true for insert core lock, whether the free handle, etc. But this kind of safety problems also exist on mechanical lock, fingerprint lock through the test open alarm, motor control and other solutions to further enhance the security.
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