What is the hotel door lock setup steps

by:Level      2020-07-23
For hotel door lock, installed on the door, still need through the hotel door lock management system set up, and then put into use. Actually setting procedure is relatively simple, but the order cannot be wrong. Here to tell you how to set up by the hotel door lock manufacturer. 1. Read authorization card information. After the hotel locks installed at the factory, can direct authorization CARDS; If the hotel is in a state of non factory lock, requires the use of mechanical keys move the lock tongue indentation lock body and bright red light at the same time, the brush in the induction of hotel lock authorization card, until & other; Drop & throughout; 1, the red light blue light, and blue lights. 2. On the hotel door lock door with total card. Total card can open all door locks including already locked state, you can check the hotel door lock is installed, and verify the hotel door lock and authorization information management software. 3. Reading room set the card information. Set the room number on the hotel door lock management software, such as: 101, 102, etc; In the room number set CARDS, hotel lock out a scream, and green tips. 4. Read the clock setting card information. Set up on the hotel door lock management software, card, its function to set the hotel door lock time or set the computer time on the hotel door lock; Brush card clock set, hotel door lock ring, but can't open the door, 5. Use guest card to open the door. Guest card management software on the card in the hotel door lock, its role is the key to the hotel door lock as a guest, guests CARDS, hotel lock ring with a bright blue light, can open the door.
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