What is the main characteristic of hotel smart door lock products _ hotel smart door lock

by:Level      2020-08-06

at present a lot of big and small hardware competitiveness of hotel chain hotel in order to ascend, have begun to actively configured with some intelligent products can provide customers with convenient, hotel smart door lock is one of them is different from the traditional lock can provide advantages for the hotel in the competition of high-tech products, in the actual use of this kind of practical and convenient intelligent products not only brings a better reputation for the hotel and also won many young enthusiastic pursuit of fashionable feeling the hotel of the user's welcome, now in the hotel industry has been basically popularized hotel smart door lock products have what are the main features?

a, the characteristics of high safety

many users in the hotel in the past, often kept in the phenomenon of loss of personal belongings in guest room, serious when even will happen some unidentified personnel into the guest's room in the middle of the night for the event. And higher hotel smart door lock products through the use of security, to ensure that hotel guests in the hotel during greatly reduce the occurrence of such events, hotel smart door lock has a high recognition ability to all sorts of safety problems are rejected.

2, the characteristics of energy saving province electricity

high-quality hotel smart door lock products when just coming into the market, many hoteliers found in a large number of the use of the smart door lock products, because this kind of door locks are often need the support of energy, so the hotel of the cost of electricity use a bigger rise. So in recent years the hotel smart door lock products in terms of energy, is an improvement of new smart door lock when not in use can enter the standby power consumption, can better help hotel save operating costs. Three, the characteristics of convenient and easy to use

high-tech hotel smart door lock products and the difference between traditional hotel door lock, mainly lies in the prestigious hotel smart door lock products spurning the use of the traditional magnetic card and keys, when the hotel guests in the hotel accommodation registration period, the hotel will be the guest's fingerprints and physical characteristics into smart door lock products, residents just before his rent rooms, the door will automatically open, for its has the characteristics of better convenient in use.

at present new hotel smart door lock products performance in actual use in many respects, to subvert the people to imagine this product limit, became a true highly intelligent system can bring a pleasant experience for the user. Adopted the s-class lock hotel smart door lock not only compared with the traditional hotel door lock has higher security, at the same time, after the upgrade smart door lock in the aspect of energy conservation and environmental protection is more outstanding, coupled with the unique ability to recognize this product also make it also has the very high value in terms of convenience and ease of use.

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