What kind of equipment to match the sauna lock

by:Level      2020-08-12
Sauna lock, are generally not ID chip, with card method, as follows: sauna lock setting methods: 1. Card: the first card is the induction card, the card have the functions of setting and delete. Note: the card can be directly open the lock. ( The factory has been set up card) 2. Single card to open the door, with one card, and blue lights flashing induction guest card, after stop flashing, guest card to open the door. Note: if the card and set up a guest card, the new guest card to open the door, until cancelled automatically open the door of the function. 3. Double card to open the door: with the continuous induction card 2 times, when the blue lights flashing induction waiter card, after the stop flashing, open a door with the guest and the waiter can. Note: if you need to set up more than a waiter card should be after the card under di 2 should be set up in a row. 4. Total card: with the continuous induction card four times, blue lights flashing induction card, blue lights stop flashing, total CARDS can open the door. 5. Empty all Settings information: use a card induction after 5 times in a row, drop - Drops 2 long rang with blue lights flash 2 times, all the unlocking information all set to empty. Note: only keep card function. 6. Through the initialize button to empty all information: through a hole on the back of the lock core, using the tool button switch 2 seconds, di a sound blue lights flashing, after the lights went out all the information to empty. ( According to the first step after emptying the Settings that can be used) Conclusion: the factory has set up a good card, single open touch card blue lights flashing touch the guest card then can double open touch card blue lights flashing and then touch the guest card, card under the two blue lights flashing and then touch the waiter card can for total card card about blue lights flashing and then touch the total CARDS
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