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by:Level      2020-07-12
Smart door locks, begin to be more and more people have accepted, but the current market intelligence door lock brand is numerous, appearance and function the same. Many people don't know what to choose. Below we see there are those who should pay attention to the places. 1. Refused to black box last year, a lot of smart door lock brands of smart lock is little black box lock open, let many people worry about, so first to see that can not afraid black box, safe guard home safe. Most of the famous brands of smart locks already not afraid black box attack, so the intelligent lock is not recommended with a less known and inferior brand, 2. Levels using C lock C lock is safe on the market at present, compared with A, B class lock, the thief to opening is very difficult in A short time, high safety coefficient. 3. Have alarm to remind function when smart door lock in unusual ways to open the door, such as fingerprints or password trap trial and error to open the door, move panel, lock with alarm, via the app etc. At the same time, protect the safety of their possessions as possible. On the basis of these, in consideration of other factors, choose safe and practical, accord with their own aesthetic intelligence door lock, jointly protect home security.
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