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by:Level      2020-08-07

there are many different kinds of hotel smart door lock the most widely used by Carmen lock and lose of IC card lock, this type of lock compared with traditional door lock is more stable performance, use more convenient therefore favored by more and more hotels. And hotel smart door lock because that the stability of the whole system, so are generally use the same brand of door lock. So the hotel smart door lock manufacturers should have what qualities?

a, master the core technology

hotel smart door lock which important reference is whether the brand reputation good mastered the core technology of the industry, can have the ability of research and development alone. If the brand in the core technology to have their own advantages, so the brand is not simple to piece together and processing technology, but have a more secure technology security. If the brand can have an advantage in technology and can better according to the customer demand custom hotel smart door lock.

2, with the scale of production

in the case of mastering the core technology, if the hotel smart door lock brands can also according to customer need to customize the door lock, so the brand will become a popular brand of hotel smart door lock. So in addition to having technological breakthroughs and innovation, professional hotel smart door lock brands also need to have a certain scale of production to be their own independent production can only lock.

3, with quality inspection system of hotel smart door lock function and so on more than traditional door lock function but the most important still is the security and stability of the system. First-class hotel smart door lock system besides itself, sell also need to produce for each product has a complete detection system, a series of processes and equipment to safeguard the quality of products. Only through the quality inspection of hotel smart door lock can be formally presented to the user.

now more and more upscale hotel configuration hotel smart door lock system, many users do not know how to distinguish hotel smart door lock system which brand is good, in fact, from the manufacturer of the brand, technology, and the scale of production has been able to see the brand in the industry level. User in choosing a specific manufacturer is to choose the best years of factory production and sales history, the brand to better observe the actual usage.

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