What room intelligent control system of intelligent controller features _ room intelligent control system

by:Level      2020-08-10

reputable manufacturer ‍ intelligent control system is an essential part of the hotel guest room to help, and in the guest room part of the intelligent control system of intelligent controller of role is particularly important, it is with the emergence of intelligent controller, has prompted guest room intelligent control system is able to have more powerful features, use these functions to prompt hotel by tangible benefits. So what room intelligent control system of the intelligent controller features?

1, the modular structure, easy to maintain stable

room intelligent control system of intelligent controller USES a modular structure, use rise very stable, very small failure probability, even in the case of failure is also very easy to repair and maintenance, so the room intelligent control system is composed of the ‍ only need low maintenance costs.

2, TCP/IP networking, convenient parameter Settings

room intelligent control system of intelligent controller using TCP/IP network mode, when to set the parameters of the equipment can be set on a local area network for remote, so design rise very convenient and stable operation, at the time of maintenance is also very simple, whether on-site installation or construction or commissioning, are extremely easy.

3, high voltage output port, quick plug connection

‍ room intelligent control system using intelligent controller mostly adopts high voltage output port, and each relay control circuit can be used for the output, using zero switching technology at the same time, there will be no spark when electricity, use rise more durable. And as a result of the intelligent controller USES a fast plug connection between modules, so the maintenance time is short, make it easier for the hotel's management and operation.

from the above content that room intelligent controller is room of the most important part of intelligent control system, the intelligent controller has the obvious characteristics of the above several aspects, besides, one-stop ‍ manufacturers find room intelligent control system intelligent controller can identify different identity card, and according to the type of card to perform the corresponding action, so for the intelligent room control system, intelligent controller is one of the very core components.

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