What's the difference between hotel card lock the card?

by:Level      2020-07-23
Under normal circumstances, the hotel card locks have T57 and M1, the difference we can see from the function: T57 card, belongs to the contactless card low frequency, frequency of 125 KHZ, is a read/write induction card, have a fixed number, a total of two areas, seven data block, a password, but can only do a single function. M1 card, contactless CARDS at high frequency, frequency to 13. 65 KHZ, is a kind of induction card read-write, contain a fixed number, divided into 16 sectors, each to distinguish the three piece, with the functions of data privacy, each area can be independent management, can be used as multifunctional data. For example: door lock, consumption, parking, attendance, etc. , the id card.
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