What's the use of hotel door lock handsets?

by:Level      2020-07-24
Hotel door lock handsets also called handheld information terminals, with battery and the system itself, there are screens and keyboards, have the ability of data transmission, let's take a look at the hotel door lock handsets what are the functions and features. Hotel lock handsets functional: 1. Can see the card door lock record, open information acquisition card door lock; 2. Can make the clock correction, synchronous hotel door lock and the system of computer time; 3. Hotel room set, set locks corresponding room number; 4. For check-out operation and management of the hotel lock room for instant; 5. Read the card information, real-time read hotel room card lock data information; 6. Rights management, the difference between the hotel door lock system administrators and ordinary users operation permissions. The technical features as follows: 1. Color screen display, beautiful and easy; 2. Humanized operation interface, easy to use; 3. Energy saving province electricity, 30 s to enter standby mode automatically; 4. Use the USB and computer data transmission; 5. Hotel door lock using wireless microwave, speaking, reading and writing data.
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