When selecting a room intelligent system should pay attention to what?

by:Level      2020-08-09

now many high end hotels in order to give the user more fresh, more perfect and more humanized service will be the introduction of guest room to try to manage intelligence system, because of reliable quality rooms intelligent systems in the hotel to help improve the service level at the same time also for the hotel to save more time and cost of capital, is advantageous to the hotel to put more energy into business development aspects of the market, so in choosing a smart systems must pay more attention to these aspects.

a, manufacturer's qualification is true and reliable

tend to reputable manufacturer room intelligent system has good qualification, as they have been an enterprise in the field of high-tech industry recognition of professional qualification, and have our own r&d team and sales management team, so when selecting a room intelligent system to see whether the manufacturer from system research and development, test, to sales and after-sales service link is done based on customer requirements, to customer satisfaction for the development of the basic requirements.

second, the factory has rich experience in the industry

say when selecting a room intelligent system should pay special attention to whether they have enough experience in the industry under to provide better service for the customer, because those who trusted rooms intelligent system manufacturers during the years of the development of domestic have been many large enterprises in China, this suggests that the industry experience can represent the manufacturer's own real power.

3, after-sales service manufacturer whether

room intelligent system consummation post-sale service directly to the manufacturer's reputation evaluation of the hotel industry, so the hotel when choosing cooperation manufacturer might as well go and see them on the after-sales service is very considerate, for example, at the time of installation of intelligent system whether there is a special operation staff responsible for on-site guidance, and when there is a problem to whether have the head of the personnel of the service is responsible for docking solutions.

in the daily operations of the hotel rooms intelligent system has become more and more important, especially in some middle and high end hotel in order to bring thoughtful and more humanized service to tenants and attract more customers, they all use reputable manufacturer, all rooms intelligent system to control the room switch their temperature adjustment, so hotel in choosing intelligent system for full considerations.

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