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by:Level      2020-07-14
With the increase in the popularity of intelligent door locks, more and more people begin to contact and the use of smart door lock. However, the current brand smart door lock on the market is full of beautiful things in eyes, want to pick up a good product, still need to avoid the pitfalls of choose and buy some. Myth: appearance level greater than the safety level of consumers for goods appearance now have a lot of requirements, especially smart door lock products of this kind of science and technology, also has the function of home decoration outsiders see also has a face on his face. However, not good-looking appearance, safety performance is high. Part will use the appearance to attract users, but its quality and functionality are not guaranteed. Appearance is only the first impression, but also need to know its quality to make sure the product. Myth 2: like the cheaper of the wide variety of products on the market, some smart locks look the same, but the price span is big, some several hundred yuan, some more than one thousand, more than two thousand. Some consumers think that looks about the same, the function of the annotation, cheap would be affordable, that just work. A lot of cheap smart door lock itself is no guarantee of quality, out of the question, after no one. A smart door locks with good quality the life also can have a decade or so by conservative estimates, guaranteed products can use longer. Myth 3: function much better now smart door lock some variety yes to open the door way, basic for fingerprints, password, card and common mechanical keys; Some will attach other convenience functions, such as small programs, APP, WeChat, bus card, id card, face recognition, etc. , if the technology is immature is unstable, the more the more functions are prone to failure, safety performance is relatively low. Safety is the essence of intelligence door lock, the function is based on its added value. So not the more function of intelligent door locks, the better. To choose a good smart door locks, bring home the experience of safe and comfortable, make life full of sense of science and technology, science and technology, better life!
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